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My name is Wendy Jordan, Robert Jordan and I are the homeowner at 107 Elm Avenue since April 1, 2021.  I created to alert the people who love this island.  At the time of purchase we joined a hidden administrative court lawsuit with 3 beachfront neighbors because we saw a threat of new FDEP rules to allow coastal construction onto our beaches, FDEP was challenged and we lost, this opened the door to building on unbuildable platted beachfront lots north of Pine Avenue.  

Anna Maria could lose what makes it unique if we aren’t speaking out.  Please join like-minded island land owners and head off any threat, please band together and let the city know we treasure and want to protect our rare and beautiful gem and we care about what’s going on. 

News Update:

February 1, 2022

Fedora Campbell (84 yrs old) – Lot owner at 105 Elm Avenue applied for building Permit on her unbuildable lot.  

February 8, 2022 City workers were on the dunes at the beach access bridge at 105  Elm Avenue marking with orange paint, outlining the area for extension of Elm on Avenue into the sea forward lot, into the dunes.  Later in the day, Mayor Dan Murphy came to the marked location to do what the workers called “examining the potential for the extension of Elm Avenue”.

Our 2012 home is shaped like a wedge, limited in size and shape by the FDEP rules of 12 years ago, the strict erosion guidelines.  The permit request on 105 Elm is asking for a full-size, lot covering rectangular home, it has no access.

 In summary, FDEP loosened their rules for building in erosion zones and we must ask why this is happening, it sets a dangerous precedent for everyone on Anna Maria. The call for action is now and we must speak up before its too late.

Photo shows ELM avenue, Lavender lines show proposed area for extending the street to 105 Elm.

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